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Series Title: Common Core
Date: May 10, 2015 – May 24, 2015

Overview: Our mission at Mt. Moriah is to lovingly invite people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, equip them with a faith in Him that works in real life, and send them into the world for service in Jesus’ name. At the core of our mission is the process by which we make disciples for Jesus Christ to transform our world, we invite others into relationship, we equip them in faith as they grow in knowledge and understanding of God, and we are sent back into the world for risk-taking mission and service. Invite, equip, and send; it’s what we, as a church, are called to do. This series will explore each part of our core process, our common core, as we continue working towards our goal of becoming a more invitational, better equipping, and intentionally sending church.

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Week 1

Title: Common Core – Invite
Date: May 10, 2015

Overview: Being an invitational church is a two-pronged effort. We have to first be ready when new guest visit our campus and make sure that we are prepared to meet their needs. Guests should get the feeling that we have been waiting for them to walk through our door. That happens when guests receive a prompt welcome, are able to connect with people, are included in our conversations, hand shaking and coffee drinking, and are invited to engage with the life of the church beyond Sunday morning worship. We are also tasked with going into the world and inviting people to join us for a Lifegroup meeting or to come to our campus for an event or for worship. Both parts are integral in becoming an invitational church. If we are out in the world inviting people to come, but are not prepared when they arrive, they won’t come back. If we are ready to receive guests, but do nothing to attract them, we’re going to be ready and waiting for a long time.

Sermon Text: Luke 14:7-14

Week 2

Title: Common Core – Equip
Date: May 17, 2015

Overview: The Christian faith is a journey towards becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ. Once someone has made a profession of faith, his or her journey begins. The journey of becoming more like Jesus, the journey of becoming a disciple requires both learning and doing. Disciples learn about God so that their lives become a reflection of God’s will. The church is an integral part of our discipleship journey, because it offers us opportunities to learn and to be held accountable to Christ-like living. At its core, discipleship is really about being obedient to God’s Word. Through our corporate and individual study, we equip ourselves to be more obedient by reading the Word, knowing the Word, teaching the Word, and living the Word.

Sermon Text: I John 2:3-6

Week 3

Title: Common Core – Send
Date: May 24, 2015

Overview: On the day of Pentecost, Jesus’ disciples and other followers were gathered together and consumed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Peter delivered a powerful sermon that recounted the events of Jesus’ life, and paid particular attention to his death and resurrection. After the sermon, many accepted the invitation to become a disciple of Christ, and were baptized. They were equipped by the apostle’s teaching, fellowship, sharing of meals, and prayer. As they were sent into the world, they sold what they had, so that they could give to those who had nothing. The church in Acts 2 grew, because it was a church that was actively, eagerly, and intentionally inviting, equipping, and sending in Jesus’ name. The final piece of Mt. Moriah’s core process send. We are sent back into the world to invite more people, to build more relationships, and to serve others as we actively, eagerly, and intentionally work to grow and build God’s kingdom.

Sermon Text: Acts 2:1-4; 22b-24; 32-33; 36-47