We get so excited to give and open presents! Honestly, that is just a reflection of God’s Greatest Gift to us. Many things have tried to stop God’s love from being shared. Each time, God has worked in new ways, through all kinds of people, to continue sharing His love. This service is just one of the ways we can participate in His plan. In this service, we’re going to explore what God’s Greatest Gift is through song, dance, and acting. We’ll also create a new wreath together that can serve as a reminder of God’s gift for countless Christmases to come.

On our Youtube channel www.youtube.com/c/MtMoriahUnitedMethodistChurch you’ll
find dance tutorials for each song. If you want, watch these before the service to become familiar with the songs and dances. Tutorial videos will be available by December 22nd.

This service is designed to be done together as a family. Each member of your family will take turns acting out the parts of the service. For example, when Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem, Mary rides on a donkey. An adult, or older child, can play as the donkey, and the younger child can “ride” on the back. Hopefully, this service will be as fun for your family as it was for us designing it!

This video will remain up so you can do it again sometime during the week if you would like.

Below are the links to the printable pdfs.
The animal headbands (ears etc) will need to be attached to a strip of paper that fits your child’s head.
The tail can be attached to a waistband.

Printable God’s Greatest Gift Wreath form and characters

Printable Camel ears and tail

Printable Donkey ears and tail

Printable Sheep ears and tail

Printable Nativity coloring posters (referred to as fuzzy posters)