Life Groups Logos 1.2

Lifegroups are an important aspect of community life at Mt. Moriah, and a great way to connect with God as well as with others in our church family. Lifegroups usually have 10-12 people who meet weekly or twice monthly and share a common interest, age bracket, or geographical area. They fellowship, study, pray, and serve together. In essence, these groups “do life” together, helping to build one another up so that we are all equipped for the work of ministry. An example of a Lifegroup could be one that studies while knitting, or guys who watch sports and do a Bible study at half-time or during the seventh-inning stretch.

Lifegroups help promote a feeling of family within our and also provide a model for fulfilling our God-given mission to grow His kingdom. If you’re debating whether a Lifegroup might be right for you, consider this:

1. Lifegroups transform lives.

2. Lifegroups personalize churches.

3. Lifegroups provide a nearly unlimited leadership development pipeline.

4. Off-campus Lifegroups provide nearly unlimited space at optimum times.

5. “Come over to my house” is a much easier invitation than “come with me to church.”

6. Lifegroups provide the best opportunity for authentic Christian community.

7. Lifegroups can provide a sense of family for many whose biological family lives far away.

8. Lifegroups foster an environment of openness to ask questions.

9. Lifegroups make it possible for more people to be cared for between Sundays.

10. Lifegroups provide an ever-expanding network for communication and impact.

Next Steps
Ready to join? Contact Diane Morris today to find a Lifegroup that fits your needs.

Still on the fence? Contact Diane Morris, and she will help you find a Lifegroup or two to try before making a full commitment.

Looking for more involvement? Click here to read more about what we expect from our Lifegroup members.

Interested in becoming a Lifegroup leader? Contact our Lifegroup Director of Adult Discipleship or Pastor to discuss discerning your calling in further detail, or click here to read about the requirements for our Life Group leaders.