The United Methodist Women are very excited to invite you to their upcoming General Meeting on March 7, 2016 @ 7PM in the Fellowship Hall.  This event’s guest speaker is author Heather Rae Hutzel.

The Book of Life_cover_webAmazon’s #1 Best Seller in Biblical Fiction!

The Book of Life: The Greatest Story Ever Told

“The Book of Life” delivers a unique spin on the forgotten story of the Bible. It’s a novel based on the words of scripture, told from the perspective of the Archangel Michael. Verses from the Bible become the dialogue and narrative of the story as Michael lifts the veil for the reader and reveals everything he has witnessed while serving his King through the ages–from the beginning when Lucifer rebelled and the spiritual war began, to a modern day world where Michael wages against the forces of evil and fights for God’s plan of redemption. In this book, Michael reveals God story. It’s a story of love and a story of war. It’s truly the greatest story ever told.